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About Skyclean
We at Skycleaners admire cleanliness and specialises on delivering our admiration to all by furnishing our professional knowledge to your asset so that we can create a healthy tomorrow.
  • Driving out disease-causing bacteria and germs.
  • Deep cleaning every nuclear tissue of your house.
  • Dedicating your healthy couch to you.
  • Simply spreading the fragrance of health.

Cleaning services
we offer in Guruvayur, Thrissur, Palakkad and Malappuram

house deep cleaning bathroom cleaning

House & Apartment deep cleaning

The difference between cleaning and cleansing can be felt only when the magic band of professional sway above your home. Let those germs and bacteria who are rejoicing with their new head, covid, realize that they are not off the limits from Skyclean’s house deep cleaning services. Stay safe & stay clean to break the chain. So dial our magic numbers to be in touch with us to make a booking.

Office cleaning ( deep cleaning)

Don’t let germs and bacteria have a sunbath in your office’s warm business environment. Let Skyclean come and tally off all the health and cleanliness needs of your enterprise; so you’ll be ready to peddle your success. We focus on cabin cleaning to equipment disinfecting, with utmost care. Reach out to us to get an amazing quote for your office cleaning.

Carpet & sofa shampoo cleaning

Let your feet feel the nurture of grasses under the canopy of an evergreen forest by Skyclean cleaning your carpet. It ensures that your home will be filled with a warm and fresh smell like an ocean of lilies. Let Skyclean take up the job of shampooing your sofa sets so that your loved ones will be resting themselves in a healthy spot. Our experts will clean your carpet with minimal water loss and quick dry techniques. Dial us to reach out for a healthy home to break the chain.

Kitchen deep cleaning

The cuisines that you cherish every night shall be the norm of your life. Don’t let that tain in your kitchen be a bolt on your cooking skills. Let Skyclean take up the hard task of making your kitchen spectacularly clean and free of germs and accumulated yuck, let it be an oil stain or wine spill; we will fix it. Take up the phone and ring us to make sure that you can dive into the ecstasy of cooking.

Bathroom cleaning

Your bathroom is your opera. Don’t let that mold destroy your bathroom vibes. At Skyclean we ensure that your bathroom is cleaned up to the mark so that it won’t be a hub for bacterias to run a coupe on you with evil illness. We target the molds and stains around your tap, shower, and wall tiles. Ring us to get a quote on your bathroom cleaning needs.

Water tank cleaning

Skyclean’s glacier cleaning service is specially designed to clean your water tank in such a way that we preserve the purity of each drop of water falling on you. We scrub wash and disinfect your water tank so that you are free from disease-causing bacteria and germs. Give us a ring to get a quote; your first step to a clean and healthy home.
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